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About the book

Have you ever wondered why no matter how hard you work; everything is just a bit out of your reach? Well, that was my life for approximately 30 years! I was a zombie going through the normal routine, we call life; work, kids, school, sports, etc. etc.… I was stuck in that repetitive mode for all those years; like most of us are. Until, one day, I received this whole download from The Universe during quarantine, which led me to writing this book. I know you picked up this book because it will resonate with you too! It is so easy for us to get lost in the daily grind but if you want to wake up and take your life back, find your true-life purpose, A Letter To The Universe will help spark your inner guide to rise again! I will show you how and we will have fun doing it! But this is not your ordinary self-help book. Heck no! No judgement here, I am learning too! This is just the first book of many as I document my journey, you will come with me and see the up’s and downs. We will go through this journey, we call life, together and we will grow immensely from it, so hop on along and enjoy the ride!!!

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